Pub Match: Indonesia Publishers


This is a great site to help you find a publishing company in Indonesia in which to publish your book. There are seven results available which you can click on to find out more about the company and access some contact details to assist you in connecting with the publishing company.

PubMatch have seen that, “Indonesia Book publishers are one of the most queried groups of members in the PubMatch community. Authors seek Indonesia publishers for their titles, agents seek Indonesia publishers on behalf of their authors and other publishers search PubMatch for Indonesia publishers that could be a good fit for rights deals. PubMatch users can search the community for Indonesia publishers based on their location, subject they publish, key word, book fair their attending and more.” It’s a very helpful service, though it’s obvious that it isn’t a very thorough representation of how many publishing companies are actually operating in Indonesia, as other research has told that the Indonesia Publishers Association has 800 members.

Accessing this site would be a good place for an aspiring publisher to start their research into what publishing companies are operating in countries all over the world. It may spike their interest in countries that they had not thought of before, maybe considering writing different material that would appeal to a different culture than their own.


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