Rainforest Action Network



This is a very interesting article on how publishing companies are contributing to the deforestation of rainforests in Indonesia. Some companies have responded to the research by becoming, “early adopters in what has become a growing industry trend to source paper that is not linked to deforestation, social conflict or excessive greenhouse gas emissions.” It’s encouraging to see that publishing companies are getting on board with the environment sustainability plans that governments are instigating.

Deforestation is an issue that more people are coming to care about as media attention is drawing out more of the facts. “Indonesia’s rainforests, home to unique species like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger, are under severe threat from paper companies that rely on clearing rainforests and peatlands for fiber plantations, which supply cheap pulp to their paper mills in China and Indonesia. This controversial paper is then used by Asian printers to manufacture kids’ and other books for U.S. and international markets.” People who care about orangutans and tigers are making a fuss about the issue and causing public organisations, which include publishers, to re-think the sources of their products. Organisations that value Corporate Social Responsibility and want to present a positive image to their consumers are cooperating with environmental changes to their practices.

Overall, this article is well-presented and certainly interesting to those who are following the trend of buying “environmentally responsible” products.


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