The Hindu: The Blip in the Publishing Boom


This article is interesting as it says that the publishing industry in India has slumped, which contradicts what I’ve read elsewhere. Apparently, “a churning is underway, driven by top level mergers and de-mergers among publishers and a phase of ‘consolidation’; the economics and editorial challenges of mid-list fiction and non-fiction; the closure and reorientation of book stores by big retail chains; and changes in the nature of book-shopping because of the advent of online platforms like Flipkart and now, Amazon, in India.” It’s interesting that book publishing has seen a shift in balance towards the business side, where foreign publishers report directly to the CEO and headquarters and not the editor. This is creating constant tension between editors and sales and marketing teams, making it an uneasy world.

The writer then suggests that, “despite the temporary slump, if it can be called that, things look more positive when viewed from the prism of a longer time-frame. The growth in the private publishing industry is an undeniable fact, even though there is no empirical study to ascertain its exact worth, scale and fortunes.” The publishing industry is India is growing, even though it has experienced a small slump. Publishing houses are taking on a greater number of books and the rate of literacy is growing, meaning more people are looking for books to read. Writers are earning larger royalties and more writers are coming onto the scene.

The future looks good for Indian book publishing, despite the negative aspect that this article starts out with. There will always be those who see the negative side of things, but at least this article balances itself out by bringing the positive in the end.


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